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  • Device should power on with working touchscreen display
  • Device will not be locked to an iCloud account or be passcode locked
  • All buttons (power, home, volume etc) should work
  • Touch ID should work (where applicable)
  • There should be no damage to the device i.e. no cracked screens or no heavy scratches to screen or casing
  • Device should charge and hold power well
  • All cameras should work
  • All speakers and microphones should work

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Really straightforward process, got my money quicker than expected too!

Riley, London

Didn't mark my phone down like other companies do! Really pleased with the service

Layla, Newcastle

The customer service I received was great, couldn't fault it.

Savannah, Nottingham

Found them to be really trustworthy as I had graded my phone wrong and they paid me more than I was originally quoted!

Brian, Hereford